Crew of the Crimson Grail

Your Loyal Crew


Aboard the small and repaired sloop, the fresher water cleaning the deck to show just how much of a patchwork it is.


The Party
Dr Quinn
Engineer Deepsworn
3 Leitenants: Vida, Cimarron, Socorro
León Hugo Chado
Harald Hauptmann
Hans von Dübenburg
Lilith’s herd of 5 people
Adam Zeraph
Little Timmy
The militia of 4 people
Jezebel’s ‘Friends’: Charlotte 9, Estelle 7, Adalene 8, Francine 8, Harriett 10
Gunnery Wight Jorge Reyes
Blood Wight Ezaer
30 guys who are looking forward to their cut

Crew of the Crimson Grail

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