Crew of the Crimson Grail

Your Loyal Crew


Aboard the small and repaired sloop, the fresher water cleaning the deck to show just how much of a patchwork it is.


The Party
Dr Quinn
Engineer Deepsworn
3 Leitenants: Vida, Cimarron, Socorro
León Hugo Chado
Harald Hauptmann
Hans von Dübenburg
Lilith’s herd of 5 people
Adam Zeraph
Little Timmy
The militia of 4 people
Jezebel’s ‘Friends’: Charlotte 9, Estelle 7, Adalene 8, Francine 8, Harriett 10
Gunnery Wight Jorge Reyes
Blood Wight Ezaer
9 guys who are looking forward to their cut (7 wounded)
V.B Doylee

Crew of the Crimson Grail

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