Blood on the High Seas

Updated Punishments

to be reviewed

Dereliction of Duty and Willful Insubordination is punished with 5-30 lashes, depending on severity and the duty that was not performed.
Crew members can vote for new leadership or roles at any point, but those who attempt to do so during battle or similar emergencies will receive either flogging or execution if it is a frequent or repeated offence.

Those who steal rations receive 10 lashes and are forced to abstain from a number of rations equal to those that they stole.
Those who steal medicinal supplies are confined and added to the feeding list for a set period of time.
Theft of shares, loot and personal effects will be punished by 5-10 lashes, with the victim being compensated accordingly.

Those who willfully omit information vital to the safety or maintenence to the ship and crew will recieve 5-10 lashes.
Those who unintentionally endanger the ship or crew will recieve 10-15 lashes and be confined, or if the danger was too great they will be confined and left on shore at next port.
Those who willfully endanger the ship or crew will either be confined and left on shore at next port or be executed, dependng on the danger presented to the crew.

Duels are allowed with consent from each party and arbitration from a third relevant party (typically Captain or Battlemaster).
Assault will otherwise be investigated and instigators will be punished with either 5-20 lashes or increased hours depending on severity of crime.
Murder will be punished with confinement and being added to feeding list indefinitely.
Sexual assault (regardless of victim) will be punished with death by feeding.

Feeding on crew outside of the feeding rota or punishments will be punished with 20+ lashes.

In the case of a punishment later being ruled unjust, the arbitrator will be punished with 10+ lashes depending on the original punishment and the victim compensated accordingly with an additional share of loot or rations.


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