Blood on the High Seas

The Diary of Klaas Jan Vlasmen Entry 3

The Diary of Klaas Jan Vlasmen Entry 3

Hans is well on the road to health after the incident and has had plenty of bed rest. While he was resting we discovered that metal mining used to be common in the Torosa region and we secured a mine and have encouraged the villagers to begin mining for their, and our, benefit. I then scouted the surrounding countryside and located an old graveyard where i recruited a number of skeletons to aid my endeavours and secured some spares and some supplies. After our work securing our safe harbor and future commercial venture was finished we sailed to Ubrique, a town up the coast that was considerably wealthier than Torosa, so wealthy in fact that it has a coastal fort that would make short work of our ship, it is a good thing that we had the proper papers and are classed as a legal guest for now.

Once in town we met up with the relative of the Torosa harbor master who helped us find some local businesses to trade at. We made some good money and shared out the loot with the crew. They of course went out to spend it immediately as all common men do when handed their pay. As a group my companions and I made ourselves some extra coin through drinking contests, a little dishonest in my book but desperate times call for desperate measures. We also had William form some of the scrap metal we recovered into spear heads to arm the skeletons, they may be required to deal with the fort. I will spend the next few days surveying it and looking for any weaknesses so we can hopefully raid this town for loot in safety. My funds are not as large as I would hope, but it is a start and I hope I have enough for what I have planned


Christian1771 Camden

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