Blood on the High Seas

The Diary Of Klaas Jan Vlasman entry 6

The journey across Bretonnia was an awful affair. We had 2 carriages and the Bretonnian knight insisted on accompanying Hans and myself, and it was not because of my company. Luckily I managed to convince one of our loyal officers to join us and this meant Hans and I merely had to put up with the two of them flirting, a much better situation than what might have been as that knight showed far too much interest in Hans for my liking. while that day was long we were able to make it to a castle before the day was through and were treated to dinner with our host, a local duke. He had an eclectic group as his guests, ourselves aside. There were many foreign nobles and soldiers, an imperial diplomat, and even a representative of the Marienburg merchants. Knowing my duty to the empire I sat beside the upstart, who immediatley mistook me for a lowly mercenary, though he had the training to quickly apologise for his assumption. I tried to convince him of the positive traits of the empire, our conversation had its backs and fourths, but ultimately I feel he was not convinced, despite the strength of my points. He never confirmed as such, but I am certain now more than ever of the traitorous intent of the Marienburg Merchants.

In the dead of night Hans awakened me to news that there were many up and about, including the Marienburger. I did my duty and managed to stop him from achieving whatever traitorous plan he had in mind. This was easily done and I managed to convince him to walk the gardens with me.

While we walked there was a great commotion from the castle. We both hurried back to investigate and discovered that William had foiled an assassination attempt against the duke’s son. This impressive feat earned him the honour of a knighthood from the duke, and so his elevation to the nobility by his deeds in service to the local liege, as it should be. I was asked to confirm this honour as he was part of my household, a thing I was glad to do. I shall have to ensure he receives training as is appropriate to his new station.

The following morning we set out and thankfully the blaggard knight accompanying us had to part ways. By days end we were near the Enchantress’s castle and Hans and Adam went in to sell the magical treasures while those of us gifted with eternal life waited a distance outside the walls for safety. They returned that evening with a chest full of coin and a story of treachery and dishonour on the part of the enchantress. It seems that she had tried to use her magical abilities to gain the tablets for next to nothing, luckily Adam was able to resist, I know not how. Hans was shocked to his core at the frankly vulgar actions of one of the heads of a nation so known for their nobility. Yet another black mark against this backwater.

We made the return trip with little issue and shared the loot with the crew, where we sail now is still to be decided, but wherever it is we are now rich enough that we should be able to procure whatever we need to improve our ship and crew.


Christian1771 Camden

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