Blood on the High Seas

The Diary of Klaas Jan Vlasman entry 4

It would appear this land is truly infested by those who serve the unspeakable powers. Some bandits is one thing, discovering a noble, it is unthinkable. How could my class lower themselves to this depravity. It is best not to dwell on these thoughts too long or write many details, but even as I am tempted to forward what I have uncovered to a witch hunter or inquisitor, obviously from a safe distance and with anonymity

We made a reasonable haul at port and picked ourselves a couple of targets. First a resupply ship headed for the colonies that would give us plenty of useful, if not hugely valuable, resources as well as a map to the colonies whose route is kept a trade secret. We took her without firing a shot and I made sure to keep the common sailors happy while we helped ourselves to the captains treasures by giving them all a measure of rum, you have to keep the lower ranks happy whether they are friend or foe, for most common men are easily kept in line with the benevolence that only a person of quality can offer. If I ever get around to writing my treatise on command I will need to note how this seems to work both with soldiers and with sailors.

We let them on their way with no trouble and headed for our true prize, a treasure ship returning from the colonies laden with gold. She was a larger and more heavily armed ship than us, so we were forced into some deceit to get close to her. We signaled for letters and then raised the flag and killed most of the officers before they knew what was happening. Hans’ snipers performed well and hit their marks while Jezebel and William engaged the captain and one of his officers. Hans picked off the last of them while Lilith cowed the ships sailors and I led a boarding action. The crew surrendered quickly with the promise of their lives. Jezebel’s charms overcame the officer she faced while William and the captain fought in glorious single combat, the result was inevitable but the captain performed honorably.

A veteran sailor took command of the crew and showed us their gold and negotiated on his crews behalf. Turns out the officer Hans took out had been a similar veteran who had been promoted. Good Sergeants are hard to come by so I made sure to procure the fallen officer to bind to the ship, but our first concern was the gold. We took the main haul, several magical tablets of solid gold which will fetch a very good price from the college of magic. there was a large amount of gold ore that would require work and would not sell easily so we left it and some other items for the crew to justify themselves with on their return to port. We also let them know about a certain town with facilities for smelting ore that was looking for new blood and wealth, so it would appear we may see this crew again under better circumstances. All in all a good start to a career in privateering.

I was also able to organize our officers into helping me to bind the dead veteran to the ship, so we have an experience and competent sailor aboard who is completely loyal to the ship and her crew, a useful ally as I have no intention of working against the ship or her crew


Christian1771 Camden

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