Blood on the High Seas

The Diary Of Klaas Jan Vlasman entry 32

With the feast of 2 gifts upcoming I had to buy some gifts. While in thew dwarf hold I managed to buy a number of gifts that I was very pleased with. We debated staying in the hold for the feast but decided to make the long trek back and celebrate with the crew. The return trip was largely uneventful. We had our guides and faced few problems. We were once again visited by the very large lizardman that was a friend of our guides’ who was once again amazed by Isidore’s powers. Aside from that it was just a long march through thick jungle, but we survived.

It was the eve of the feast of two gifts when we arrived back at camp. We found a decorated palisade and a lot of familiar faces. It was good to be back to the grail after our long journey across southern Lustria.

After being welcomed back we rested in preparation for the next day. William surprised me first with his joke gift, my joke gift would come later. He then gave me a very nice set of bracers. I presented him with my real gift, a dwarven castle forged battle axe. He seemed to appreciate it. I organised a concert at the beach and invited the whole crew. Most showed up. In the middle I let cry that there was something approaching from the forest. I had my skeletons that were lying in wait release the presents. They were a number of clockwork monsters of various kinds I had acquired at the abandoned zoo in the captured hold. For the crew I provided several barrels of nuts and dried fruits as well as a large keg of beans that apparently re-energise the body when they are boiled in water and drank.

After this I delivered the rest of my real presents. For Isidore I gave a rangers cloak that apparently keeps you cool in heat and warm in cold. HE appeared to appreciate it. Next I gave Bidnae a castle forged dagger, a castleforged blackjack for Ezaer, a violin for Reyes, A fine scalpel for Dr Quinn, a large dwarf hold playset for little Timmy, Some nice bottles of alcohol for the officers, A castle forged composite bow for Jez. I slipped Lilith an inscribed castle forged knuckle duster among the official reports, it read “I make my own Honour”. Lastly to Hans I Gave a set of metal playing cards etched with gold showing various figures from dwarven myth. He bought me a clockwork soldier that fires a little bullet and a pocket watch with an inscription “Starboard is Right, Port is Left. Love Hans”. It was a happy day.

Shortly after we set sail coasting back round the southern coast and planning to head north up the east coast to Port Reaver. Along the way we noticed that a great storm surrounded the FOrtress of Dawn and we decided to investigate. We soon discovered an Nehekarran armada at port and an army setting up in the town. We quickly readied for battle and blew their ships out of the water before they had a chance to retaliate. It was time to teach them the strength of modern artillery


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