Blood on the High Seas

The Diary Of Klaas Jan Vlasman entry 20

We made good time to Altdorf. The Grail was fast for a ship of her size. The Captian and carpenter had arranged for us to carry less firepower, but have as wide a range of angles as possible. This will make individual broadsides less effective, but we will be dangerous regardless of positioning. A sensible precaution. It also allows us to catch any ships we decide to chase.

Along the way I finally resolved to bind the elven officer we had fought in Marienburg. As we began the ceremony I felt another will far stronger than those I have felt previously fight me for control, I worried I had bitten off more than I could chew but eventually I overcame it. Our new officer rose, blood weeping from their eyes and coughing it up too. Something went wrong, but they will nonetheless be useful. I welcomed them to the crew and hoped I hadn’t made a mistake.

Upon arriving in Altdorf it was good to see so many familiar sights. Outside of Marienburg no city has felt more like home to me than Altdorf. I attended the Military College here, and it was here I came to finish my studies and serve the Empire after my success in Kislev. But it is my home no longer. While it will be safe for a short while I cannot dally to long here else we will have to deal with the wrath of the von Dubenburgs or the witch hunters. Nonetheless I will ensure my time here is well spent.

My first order of business was arranging a courier to Sartosa to place an order for my new sword so it will be ready on my return. I have sent payment in full as it doesn’t do to be in debt to the Dawi. Upon its completion I will finally be able to parry even the mightiest weapon without breaking my sword or my wrist. The courier was expensive but the safety the expense bought for the package is well worth it.

Next I went through the shopping districts of Altdorf and bought myself supplies for the voyage, such as games and instruments. Then I went to a gunsmith I had heard good reports of and purchased a gift for Hans. Sadly the trade disruption caused by raiders around Marienburg meant prices were higher than I had hoped, but I got everything. I had hoped to also purchase some uniforms for my skeletons, but that could wait.

Hans and I went out to a meal at a very pleasant establishment where I planned to give him his present, it turns out he had also purchased me supplies for uniforms. I was thrilled by the present, as was he with his Three Barrelled Pistol. I wish these times would never end

It appears that the enemy from Jez’s past we encountered from Marienburg had ran the gauntlet to Altdorf, though he had lost his goods en route. I found out about this when Jez returned with his severed third arm and an evil looking whip. I had seen its kind before in Kislev from in use by some of the more horrifying of the servants of the dark powers. I warned her about it and then retired to my quarters as the recollections of an old soldier are not ones to be faced in front of the crew, for morale reasons.

The next day as I was starting to train the skeletal band in their instruments Lillith came to see what the noise was from. She thought it very silly until I mentioned uniforms. At first she was angry for not consulting her, until she discovered they were not yet designed at which point we began the furious activity of designing a ship colour scheme and uniform design. Not everyone would to follow it, but it would be a boost to the crew and aid in identification on the battlefield. Lillith went all out and we came to a design we were both satisfied with. I based the military elements on the uniforms of irregulars which allowed more maneuverability than more traditional uniform designs. Lillith chose the colours and added her own flair, an addition that I have to admit does improve the simple design. Only the band required full dress uniform, but the rest of the crew were pleased with a more simple design or simply a colour to wear. With the uniform dealt with we prepared to leave to harry Marienburg once more before crossing the ocean


Christian1771 Camden

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