Blood on the High Seas

The Diary Of Klaas Jan Vlasman entry 19

It still took some days to make our exit from the city, in the meantime imperial navy marines patrolled the streets and we had to tread carefully. We arranged 2 caravans to allow the bulk of our crew to escape, the help of the imperial official I had rescued from slavery was invaluable in getting all the paperwork. Once the carts were loaded up they were able to get through the roadblocks as caravan guards. That just left the officers and the dead. And I knew a way out, we would hire a sewer guide and escape through the vast tunnel network beneath the city

(Here the page has been ripped out)

The journey through the sewers was uneventful aside from some flooding that carried off a coin purse with 30 crowns in it, but at least we made it out of the city. After a long hike through the cold we made it to the fishing village where Ubaldo had taken our new ship, ‘The Crimson Grail’. We enjoyed the hospitality of the town that night and prepared to make for Altdorf. It was good seeing Ubaldo, but I look forward to leaving Kislev and my many memories there behind us.


Christian1771 Camden

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