Blood on the High Seas

The Diary Of Klaas Jan Vlasman entry 18

Upon our return we found the muse still under maintenance and all proceeding to plan. Lilith and I had some disagreements about the new share system, but it was thankfully resolved without any real loss of order aboard. We then moved onto our opportunity to enrich ourselves while in port, thankfully through bounty hunting and not slavery. We sent William into town to collect all the bounty notices and we prepared to collect as many as we could by the time we left port as the place was crawling with Norscan Raiders. We selected a particularly viscious individual and his first mate whose bounties were some of the highest and located them.

While scouting them out I came across a celestial wizard of all people in one of the cages. He made it known to me that he would join us in exchange for his freedom, an offer which Lilith was happy to accept. She would help bust him out while William and I drew attention away through the next step of our plan. We were going to challenge the captain and mate to combat in the arena. Upon our challenge we were greeted with derisive laughter but they accepted. Come the next day we would meet in battle.

The crowd in the arena was lively and ready to see William and I be slaughtered, though the bookies seemed to know something the crowd didn’t as we appeared to be the favorites, I still placed everyrthing I owned on us to win as it was a fight to the death regardless. William and I faced off against the huge marauder and his heavily mutated mate. I threw off the others a little by giving a formal duelling bow before beginning, recieving a gruff salute from our opposition. I knew William would be using his cannon before closing so I held my ground as the marauders charged. William fired his cannon and the main marauder deflected it with his axe. I got in some hits as they reached us and the captian laid into William while the mate knocked me down, but I managed to maneouver out of his tentacled grasp. William and I landed and took several weighty hits, one which sprained my wrist, before the captain went down. I desperation the mate wrapped a tentacle around William’s neck. A very good idea aside from the fact William doesn’t need to breath. He didn’t have time to learn from his mistake before he was cut down. The crowd roared in approval and when they quieted down we challenged two more Norscans for the same time tomorrow, they of course accepted.

Upon returning to the ship it seemed we had caused ample distraction for Lilith and our new friend Isidore to get safely back to the muse. After getting my arm set and having a brief celebration Lilith and I made our way to the ship of our vanquished foe and commandeered it and its goods, along with most of the crew who we would turn in for bounties. We also released the slaves and offered to ship them back to Troll Port if they would man the longboat for us, a proposal they agreed to easily. All was going well

In the middle of the night our dreams were once again disturbed by the vision of eyes we had seen before and we knew we had to leave. We pulled forward our fight for the day and headed to the arena while Isidore was panicking about the vision. He seemed to think that it was a very dire omen and while that was likely true, I had an appointment on the field of honor.

Upon arriving at the arena we spotted that Lillith was competing in some knid of bare knuckle boxing match. I put some money on her to win and sure enough she didn’t fail, though her tactics leave a little to be desired in the question of honor. Nevertheless I made some coin on the match.

As william and I enetered the arena proper we saw our opponents, one of whom was wiping his blade with an evil looking substance. I ordered William to not let himself be cut by that sword, a command I am happy to say he followed as after firing his cannon we had to have an imperial magistrate in the audience sign a letter confirming the brute was dead as there wasn’t enough left of him to identify. I do love modern firepower. Needless to say the fight was over quickly.

With that done we sailed for Troll Port, having the skeletons pack themselves on the last part of the journey. We arrived just ahead of the First and Second Imperial Navies. We appear to have struck a nerve. It must be costing the directors an absolute fortune to have the first imperial navy out hunting us as well. Luckily they seem more intent of the slave port, plus having the huntsmarshal on your side means we have the protection of the city. We plan on selling our 2 ships and buying a new one which Ubaldo will sail up the coast for us to meet on the far side of the imperial blockade. The noose has tightened, but luckily it is not around our necks


Christian1771 Camden

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