Blood on the High Seas

The Diary Of Klaas Jan Vlasman entry 17

I received an affirmative from my old friend to join the hunt and bring volunteers, turns out it was Skinwolves, the same type of foe the two of us had fought on our previous battle. I am sure it is just a coincidence. That night I was visited with a terrible vision of being watched, it appears to have been shared by all the crew. We decided to leave port and journey to a small blackmarket port up shore a little. It was full of Norscan Raiders selling their plunder, primarily slaves from the empire. It made my blood boil, but I had other priorities. William, Hans and the Sharpshooters were all up for it, so I approached Lilith for permission to lead an excursion. She approved but on the condition I secure a contract for payment before fighting, a fair measure, but I had never thought myself a mercenary and don’t like the idea going forward either.

It was a long march into the wilderness, but we were in good spirits. Finally we came upon the small fort with a bedraggled and exhausted set of guards on watch. I went in to see my old friend and before anything else asked permission to relieve his watch and put my men on the walls, something he gladly acceded to. Then we had some brief introductions and got down to business. I initially joked about the coincidence of skinwolves, but it appears this was, in fact, the same pack of beasts, come for their revenge. I recovered from my shock quickly and secured the payments and joking with my friend about being just like all the other Marienburghers now. I then used my position as second in command to relieve him for the night.

The situation was dire, 7 skinwolves and 24 men to hold the fort against them. The skinwolves were using attrition tactics to exhaust the men, so I ordered the relieved watch and the huntsmaster not to come to our aid unless it was asked for and to get some proper rest. While they did so William, Hans and I ventured out to carry out our own tactic. We managed to catch one alone and kill it and bring its head back before the others could stop us. We mounted it above the gate. This cheered the men and stopped the attrition tactics, but this meant something else was coming. We had to prepare

I suggested mixing the watches allowing each watch to be made up of half the original guards and half my sharpshooters with 2 officers on each watch. This allowed further strength to be maintained. We also prepared to catch the skinwolf assault when it came, as we knew it would. Everyone kept a sharp eye out and those at rest slept lightly with their weapons in hand. During that second day the attack came. Half of the skinwolves attempted a frontal assault under the cover of a camouflaged canopy, while the rest attempted an attack on the rear. I predicted this and split the forces while sending for the remaining men. Then when they got in range we opened fire. The skinwolves came at us hard. William Engaged one in single combat while others were attacking the common soldiers. It was a bloodbath. We could hear the frantic shooting from the rear of the fort and as the men tried to hold off the beasts. One big one came straight for the huntsmaster and another went for Hans. I aided the huntsaster as it appeared Hans was holdin his own and the huntsmaster was in a bad way almost immediately. I drew the beasts attention and though I did little damage I also avoided its deadly claws and vice-like grip. William successfully slew the one he faced in time to help Hans who was beginning to succumb. Despite the beast’s strength Hans had kept it at bay for a few frantic moments, before he was overcame. The beast almost broke his back on the fort walls and if William had not been freed to help I fear what might have happened.

Luckily William charged the brute and pinned it to the wall with his spear. At the same time slashed the throat of the scummy beast facing me and saw it go down. With the tide turning the beasts began to flee and all but one were cut down by withering musketry. The last was pursued by William and the Huntsmaster as I tended to the wounded. I am not entirely sure of what happened, but it sounds like the beasts dark benefactor would have corrupted my old friend if William had not stayed his hand as the skinwolf reverted to the form a norscan teenager. It was the correct thing to do to ensure the Huntsmaster remained uncorrupted, but as his second in command I knew my duty. As soon as it was explained to me I knew the beast was corrupted and fell, and could not be allowed to remain under Sigmar’s light. I drew my pistol and executed it before anyone could stop me. I felt no emotion in the act. It was neither a blessing or a curse, merely my duty. William seemed none too pleased though.

We celebrated our victory, though it felt hollow. half our comrades lay dead, but we had taken the day. We drank to our dead and prepared them for their rest and began the long trek home.


Christian1771 Camden

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