Blood on the High Seas

The Diary Of Klaas Jan Vlasman entry 16

As we were conspiring on the deck the city bells began to ring and the harbour chain was lifted. Something was wrong and we were now trapped in the city. The harbourmaster was handed some documents by the city guard and was quickly swarmed by ship captains desperate for news. As the others went to find out more Jez and I went to find out from the guard themselves.

Using my keen senses I was able to hear what passed between another habourmaster and one of the riders, it was little help. We determined that we needed those documents. Jez confused the soldier and then I distracted him as she stole the documents. It appeared the dead director had been found and there were now people looking for his killer. We quickly returned to the others.

They had discovered the same info and William and I joined a group heading to parliament to protest. Jez would follow us shortly. We found a mob gathered outside with a wall of guards. I managed to organize sending in a group of representatives to talk to parliament, a move that I hoped would lead to further problems for the Directorate. Once they were in I figured out where the artillery would be. I had assumed cannon, but it turned out to be rockets. William Hans and I quickly spread some info through the crowd in the hopes of causing some chaos then returned to the ship. We met Jez on our way back and her and William decided to stay and cause further trouble.

Upon returning to the ship I found that Lillith had taken advantage of the nearly abandoned harbour to steal from the other ships anchored. She had also set up several skeletons to attack the fort with gunpowder barrels. I refined her plan slightly, but she had done a great job and only my experience brought subtleties to the plan that she had missed. I was very impressed. Then I heard the sound of rockets and screaming and shortly after William and Jez were back. They had caused the guards to fire on the crowd, causing serious damage to Marienburg’s political situation. I delighted in the idea of them reaping what they sow. If nothing else it will have damaged their reputation as they had fired on merchants.

Lillith’s plan also went well. The skeletons seriously damaged one of the forts and the chain fell. We quickly sailed out of the harbour exchanging fire with the remaining fort. Before we could make our escape a ship of the 2nd Imperial fleet gave chase. It had some kind of wizard aboard and using magic to blow more wind into the sails they slowly caught us up. While we fled they could fire upon us and we took a number of nasty hits. Once they were in range we let loose with rifles and bows, but to little effect. I also had Deepsworn tie 2 barrels togeth and strap skeletons to each and give them her drills. THese were then flung over the back and they quickly attached to the pursuing ship to slow them down and slowly fill her with holes. Once it was a forgone conclusion they would catch us Lillith swung about to allow us to broadside them.

As the ships drew close William and Jez jumped to the other ship and began fighting. It was difficult to see them in the confusion. I continued commanding the men until the ship drew near. Then I realised that I could hole the enemy ship with my blood sorcery. I quickly sliced open my hand and melted a 70cm wide hole at the waterline. The enemy ship lurched as she began to fill with water. I was thoroughly pleased with myself. Just then there was an earth-shattering boom as the enemy’s magazine exploded. It took some time to fish Jez and William out of the water. We also fished out the mage and a couple of nice swords. The rest of the enemy ship was nothing but splintered boards and twisted metal. We quickly made our escape.

IT was several days before William awoke. I had ensured that there were some deer for him as I knew he would not appreciate feeding on a human once he was restored. He was still weak, but he was alive. Jez did not awaken till we were at Trollport. I hoped coming here was safe, it was far from Marienburg and we needed to repair. Upon disembarking I discovered that an old comrade from my army days was the Huntsmaster General here and had closed an area of forest. I will need to investigate further


Christian1771 Camden

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