Blood on the High Seas

The Diary Of Klaas Jan Vlasman entry 15

After concluding our stay we made our way back to the ship. Before leaving I helped myself to a bottle of brandy as I am sure my sire wouldn’t miss it and I need it in case we have cause for celebration. Upon our return to the ship we made sure all was in order and set sail for Marienburg.

I had not been home in some two decades, and I was filled with a quiet excitement, matched only by my dread of how the situation would have worsened. After some days at sea the sight of my home was wonderful. But that feeling of bliss was short lived.

Once off the ship I took Hans on a tour. We saw the grand market places, the harbour and its defences, the noble quarter and the former residence of the elector count. While it did me good to see it all, by the time we were finished our tour I was angry. My normal calm demeanor was overcome by the injustice of it all. I knew how things had gotten, but seeing the reality of it cut me deeply. Once proud Noble Estates now owned by rich merchants without taste or class, even the Elector Count’ estate was not a seat of bourgeois power as the parliament building. Hans and I returned to the ship to calm down.

When I returned I found Jez and Lillith talking on deck. I had little interest in talking to either at the time, and would have simply retired to my cabin, except that I saw the unbelievable. Lillith was handing my family’s signet ring to Jez. I hadn’t seen it since the day we were forced to pack and flee as a child. I had been told it had been siezed by a merchant. It was then I spotted that Lillith had a key to parliament. I had to find out what happened and recover my family’s ring.

I approached and it conspired that Lillith had been an enemy of the director who had taken my family estate, and she had killed him and dumped his body in a gutter. I was overjoyed and ready to overlook all my previous problems with her. She had struck a blow against the tyranny of the Marienburg merchants and for that I would have been in her debt. But she made clear her distaste for both me and the olive branch I was trying to extend. I guess some people are unwilling to look past their differences.

Regardless Jez now had my family signet ring and I needed it back. She had spent the day following someone from her past and needed someone to be a Marienburg merchant. I offered my services in return for my ring. She accepted


Christian1771 Camden

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