Blood on the High Seas

The Diary Of Klaas Jan Vlasman entry 13

Upon arriving in Sartosa we saw to resupplying and had Jezebel warn Sartosa of the threat from Nehekharra. Hans and I spent some time getting to know other officers in Sartosa. They are not as professional as I might like, but they are at least better than the rabble, but I do miss the officers mess back in Altdorf, by Sigmar, even the one in Kislev would be a welcome change. If Sartosa professionalised she could be a real power in this part of the world.

After leaving Sartosa we finally began to sail for Marienburg. At long last we can begin my campaign of attrition against the merchant houses of the Westerland. Soon their financial empires will crumble and order will be restored to my homeland, I am getting ahead of myself. On the way we plan to planned to stop off at my Mawla’s residence to gather information for our various plans. His dwelling is in a largely abandoned duchy of Brettonia and there is a harbour a few days march from his estate. On route we were hit by a storm and will have to make many repairs. Luckily the harbour was as described and had plenty of forest nearby to provide replacement lumber for our supplies.

I left most of the skeletons behind to cut lumber. I didn’t think that 50 skeletons would be required, but as it will develop this was a mistake on my part. The roads were empty and what towns and villages we found were burnt husks filled with nothing but bones and ash. We decided to camp in one such town that we had spied a few sad figures in, though they fled at our approach. There was something strange about them, but I was unable to place it.

We found a relatively intact structure and set about making it strong for the night. A sensible precaution it would turn out. Hans and I took first watch and I began to see more of the figures appear out of the woods. It was then that I realised that they were ghouls, humans that had been forced by desperation to eat their dead loved one and are then warped by the act into twisted figures that are endlessly hungry, though they can be cowed by dark magic. I decided to speak in Nehekharran into the night, warning them of my wrath, between that and my few skeletal guard they seemed cowed into inaction. Upon the changing of the watch I informed William of this.


Christian1771 Camden

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