Blood on the High Seas

The Diary Of Klaas Jan Vlasman entry 12

When the figure reached us it was apparent that they were in bad shape, they were horribly sun burned and dehydrated. They were barely able to stand but managed to introduce themselves. After their introduction I recognised them, they were a famous archaeologist whose guest lectures I had attended back in Altdorf. After the introductions we gave him some water and let him rest a short while. His party had been attacked by an orc warband and he was the sole survivor. He couldn’t believe his luck to have found someone else in he wastes of Nehekhara.

After his rest he joined us and we made our way into the pyramid. The wealth of Nehekhara was obvious from the number of jewels and the amount of artwork everywhere, strangely all the writing appeared to be in my native Reikspiel, specifically in the Westerland dialect. At the time I was confused, but was busy leading the troops and so wasn’t able to comment. We were told by our friend that the two ways the tunnel led would either take us back towards the base below us, or up to the resting place and treasure chamber of the king. I asked about the Priest and our friend told us that that could be in either direction, depending on their relationship with the king. As a group we decided the treasure room was the way to go.

Our first obstacle was a series of blade traps, luckily we had some skeletons taking the lead and were able to bypass them easily with only the loss of a skeleton. We sent some more forward into the next room where they were quickly dispatched by a large statue when they struck it to let us know it was safe. It took no further action and we were faced with a challenge involving two dais and two plaques. It was here that I realised that the writing was not all in reikspiel, as no one else could read the plaques except the archaeologist and it was demonstrated to me that I was actually reading ancient Nehekharan. Who knows why, but it is something I will need to keep in mind. Must be something about my Nechrach bloodline. The two plaques told the same story from two different points of views and times. It was quite simple to put them in the correct order, so we did. Upon doing so the way forward opened and we faced our next challenge, a room of uneven floors with a golden door at the far end flanked by two statues. The remains of a dark elf lay in the middle of the floor. We started to advance in formation, but were quickly stopped when Lilith and Jezebel realised that we had to stand on specific points on the floor to avoid activating the statues. We quickly deciphered it was keyed to families that you would have to ally to build power, with high nobles being peaks and criminals and such being valleys. With some time we were able to traverse the room, at which point the statues animated and opened the huge gold door.

Inside was a luxurious room where everything was made of gold. We entered carefully looking around, at which point I heard a scream of anger from deep within the pyramid. We decided to escape. We couldn’t leave the statues behind us so we decided to try and take them out quickly then flee. Our initial blast of fire did less than we expected, but with some magic and skill we dispatched them, with William still skewered bu one of the bejewelled swords. As we raced back we heard the sounds of marching from below. Lilith was struggling to keep up and so I aided her to make our escape. At the entrance as the rest of us leapt out Jezebel caught the dark elf from earlier and took them captive. They were seemingly just happy to not left there.

As we exited the pyramid we found the sand was being pulled away and as we raced down the slopes of the pyramid skeletal hands tried to reach out for us, though we managed to stay together. As we set off on a forced march for the ship we saw behind us legions of skeletal soldiers, and several figures. One was obviously the king from their finery. Another, of much more interest to me, was a wizard or priest carrying a book of magic that I would pay dearly to get my hands on, but this was not the time. If only we had gone down first I might have been able to take it from his dead hands before he was raised. Alas.

After a grueling march we made it back to the ship, As we saw the ancient ships sunk in the harbor start to raise themselves from the muck of the sea floor. Lilith quickly ordered for them to be sunk once more by our cannon before they could be made ready. Once that was done we sailed away, thankfully unpursued as the fleet of Zandri lay once more on the sea bed.

Once we were at sea once more we recruited our captive and realised that they could understand us, but we had no way of understanding them verbally as they had no tongue. We decided to have them teach us their sign language. That is sure to be handy in future.


Christian1771 Camden

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