Blood on the High Seas

The Diary Of Klaas Jan Vlasman entry 10

Having secured us new crew of a decent caliber I then set about paying off my many debts, I was tired of feeling like what coin I have is not my own. Thankfully Jeeves had kept a good account of who and where all the monies were needed to go and was able to use his network to organise the transport of all payments. One less thing to worry about

With that sorted I helped to guide the crew who were looking to start farming through what to buy and coach them on what they needed to do. Between them they have filled the ship near to bursting with supplies, but it will give them, and Torosa more widely, a great start. I also had my skeletons dredge the harbor for anything valuable. While it appears there is much worth gathering, it also appears to be protected by strange humanoid figures. Several skeltons dissappeared before the operation was called off. Sadly that meant that much was left unsalvaged, however my team did find something interesting. A leather case containing details of a planned archaeological excavation in Nehekhara. It was very odd sounding, and most intriguing. As a bonus the wealth of ancient Nehekhara is legendary, so it will hopefully be a trip that will provide both discovery and wealth. A winning combination.

While in Sartosa I also received a letter. It had come by courier from my sire and detailed their home location and that I was welcome there, though they were currently far afield. I’m surprised the coward has the nerve to speak to me after they abandoned me to the witch hunters the day of my rebirth. It doesn’t do to burn too many bridges in my current circumstances, but I will remain cautious of their motives till I know more. We will have to stop in on them at some point in the future regardless. There is much I still need to know and none of my current company are as knowledgeable about the subjects as I, damn them for leaving we with little more than a note and leaving me to figure this stuff out myself.

I also decided upon going over my remaining funds to purchase boarding guns to aid our work. Upon getting confirmation that I would be reimbursed I took several sharpshooters and Lilith’s ward to the gunsmith and once again he proved his bargaining abilities were top notch. On our return to the harbor we were faced with a mob who were apparently after Hans and I. My men quickly formed up and the threat of the boarding guns kept the mob back for the moment. Luckily the other officers attempted to come to my aid, though Lilith’s attempts to still the crowd came out far more mercenary and far less protective than I like to hear from my superior officer. As they did so a familiar voice echoed across the harbor. It was Van Wank, Hans’ old tutor. He had chased us all the way here with his squad of zweihanders and now the old fool had hung around instead of trying to follow us. I couldn’t tell if he was an idiot or a genius. Either way he was demanding Hans returned home. I saw that Hans wanted to stay, but also didn’t want to see his old tutor harmed, so I did the only thing I could. I called him out to face me in single combat. He accepted.

Despite his age he remained fit and healthy. He was a bear of a man in heavy armour and wielding a zweihander. He must have thought the fight was a forgone conclusion, what with me being a scrawny little artillery officer with a bejeweled sabre and no armour. I am happy to say that he was sorely disappointed. Even from the start I was able to use my far superior speed and maneuverability to land several hits on him while dodging his heavy swings, but if I wanted to take him out without hurting him too badly I would need a plan. I quickly surveyed my surroundings and saw a poorly maintained part of the harbor road where I could use my speed to much greater advantage. Sadly I was constrained by the mob which surrounded us, but thankfully Lilith decided to load the cannons in what I can only hope was an empty threat, in either case the threat worked and soon the crowd had cleared. With an opening now I lured Van Wank across the harbor until he began to slip on the uneven ground. I quickly began to circle him, leaving him with the choice of moving slowly and safely, but leaving his guard open, or turn quickly and risk falling. He chose the latter and was quickly on the ground with my sword to his throat. He yielded and accepted his parole. He would return home before he began to follow us again . I left Hans to talk to him while I retired to my cabin. While I was undoubtedly the winner, I had taken several hits that would have cut me in half if I wasn’t a vampire and I was completely exhausted.


Christian1771 Camden

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