Blood on the High Seas

Jezebel's Thrid Note

[the note are now starting to be bound in between two broken planks scavenged on the ship after a batter, which are bound with some string]

written in a mix of Reikspeil and Brettonian in a cipher and also a bit of Khanite

One of my companions got a note from I have no idea who when we were in Sartosa and we headed south to some… wasteland, covered in sand. We had just paid off our debt to Sartosa so at least now we’re free to do what we want.
We found this big pyramid buried in the sand and when we went in we got attacked. There were these weird tracks in the sand and it’s probably one of these strange creatures we picked up later, but I’ll talk about him later.

We were attacked but they ran away, they looked like some kind of assassin. We went deeper inside the pyramid and at one end we found a puzzle room. The soldier one, the one who got this note… Klaas was speaking a strange language and saying it was Wasteland Reikspiel but it obviously was not. So we got inside and realised that we needed to step on the right tiles in the room it all made sense there. This archeologist helped us, he apparently knew a lot about the ancient history of the dynasty that was buried in this pyramid. Because it seems this was a tomb. These people were very strange making such big tombs.

The others couldn’t make their minds we went back and forth and instead of taking all that was there and instead we went on the other side and there were statues that attacked us and I can’t quite remember everything that happened. All I know is that we had to run away and stumbled into this assassin guy. The sword helped me badly damage the arm of one of the statues but a rapier is not fit to take down stone.

As we ran away the pyramid was rising up and the sand was sinking. We almost got dragged in and I had to carry one of the mortals people that fell in the sand.

I ran to the boat and got them to fire on the boats that were being raised from the bottom of the port. We got away after having destroyed their fleet but I’m afraid they will be back.

We’re not back in Sartosa and I’m saying hello to Lohen soon. Hopefully we’ll have another pleasant dinner together.


Christian1771 Nierninwa

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