Blood on the High Seas

Jezebel's second note

written in a cipher in Reikspeil

I forgot again.

Not only did I forget to write but I actually forgot what happened.

I know we went to this big city after I waited for the others while they went off to some castle I wanted to rob but I can’t remember what happened there. I must have burgled some more.

It’s like I’m in a dream most of the time and I can hardly remember what happens most of the time.

Timmy is ok and that’s all I care about. We headed off the coast and ambushed another ship, one from which we stole cannons and we stole another ship, a large one that is much spacier than the one we have.

So once we did that I remember we headed back to Sartosa. We sold off the canons and made a significant profit. I should look into doing that more.

And I met this guy… girl? She’s a he but he’s a girl but officially a man and it’s all very confusing to talk about but he is very handsome and strong and I think I like him. There’s also this cute girl called Sherry that is tending the bar in his office but she’s a bit of a snake. She sells information and she better not sell out my Lohen.

Oh I remember something else now! I have a sword! A rapier, although it was not a rapier when we started out. It was a flaming broadsword that I tried to move away from the deck of a boat where we were fighting some zealot knight. He actually sunk the boat and that’s where we got the cannons. But I’ve been hearing the sword talk since I picked it up. And now it oozes poison if I ask it instead of risking to burn me or anything.
It keeps asking me to kill things and I’m not sure how to feel about that.
I just had to tell it to shut up again. I won’t even remind me of the things I forgot. But at least it protects me. It even turned into a bow when I needed to train!

And so Lohen is really adorable and he cares about me and he’s rich and actually almost my age and yet he’s one of the people ruling the show here and – I need to save ink. I know I won’t forget about Lohen.

I’ll head off now I’m going to say goodbye before we take to sea again.


Christian1771 Nierninwa

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