Blood on the High Seas

Jezebel's Fourth Note

written in a ciphered Khanite

I had the best time with Lohen again and Sherry is holding in line so all is good down in Sartosa.
I told him about the fleet down south. I think that even though I didn’t admit per se he understood we were the ones who accidentally woke up those things because I didn’t really lie, but I don’t know how much he understands whatever I try to hint at him.

We’re now headed to Marienburg. Apparently we’re finally doing the plan of attacking the city and all, I’m not quite sure I understand the specifics.

We weathered a storm and our ship was damaged. We’ve had to stop somwhere apparently they know there are books nearby so I’m going to pick some things for little Timmy. The rash one… William hunted a bear. An impressive feat considering last time he almost got defeated by a deer.

The crew has been cutting down wood so we can replenish our stock, because we spent everything on repairs in some abandoned port.

We’ve headed inland without the crew, just the four of Us, their followers and also little Timmy. had thought it was a good idea for him to be in a library but I’m not so sure now. I cannot sleep because I’m so worried for him.

There were bodies… well… broken skeletoons scattered around the path as we walked to the abandoned village. We fortified the house and set up there. There were figures following us. The pretty one, Lilith, scared them off by just walking towards them. She was emanating that menacing aura the way she sometimes does and that seemed to be enough but I’m afraid those things will use the cover of night to come for us. Or at least for Timmy. I need to protect him and the others being on watch is not doing enough to reassure me. I will sleep with one eye open tonight.


Christian1771 Nierninwa

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