Blood on the High Seas

Diary of Klaas jan Vlasman entry 2

I don’t know how much of recent events I want to commit to paper, for even recalling them sends a chill down my spine and takes me right back to the freezing winds and dark nights in Kislev. Things started well enough, if a little differently than expected. After a few days of sailing, during which the ship was cleaned and our sailors tested in their combat prowess, we decided to test our crew by raiding a village, but the villages complete lack of fear or resistance and their obvious poverty quickly changed our minds. We instead forged an alliance an hopes of a much greater reward in the long run in the form of a reliable fence and a safe haven outside of Sartosa, The town was beset by highwaymen and seeing a chance to help the town and enrich ourselves we decided to fight them and claim their hoard for ourselves. We lured them out with promises or a rich and easy target in the form of Lilith and myself in costume and they were quick to take the bait. They didn’t stand a chance against us, but my joy turned to horror at what I saw.

There is a large section that looks to have been intentionally blotted out with ink and the writing following this is written in a shaky hand

Needless to say we dealt with them and claimed their loot. Hans was injured and is being treated by the ships doctor and the highwaymen problem is solved. Sigmar protect us.


Christian1771 Camden

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