Blood on the High Seas

Diary of Klaas jan Vlasman entry 1

Writing this entry from our new ship the Siren’s Muse I can scarcely believe my recent string of good luck. Who would have thought that only a few days after arriving in Sartosa I would not only be a high ranking officer on a ship, but also be in the company of several other vampires. They are an unusual group to be sure, but competent and seem to have good heads on their shoulders if their suggestions for running the ship are anything to go by. It all started when Hans and I ran into a witch hunter of all things in a tavern where we were following a few leads up in. Turned out to be looking for one of my new fellow officers, but we couldnt be sure they weren’t on our trail so we made ourselves scarce and followed our information to Peg Street Pawn shop. I was a little worried as it was in a seedier part of town, but the information proved good as it turned out the proprietor, an older woman named Granny, was able to point us in the direction of a ship that could be ours if we dealt with the current captain. Not only this but by a stroke of luck there were 3 other vampires there looking for the same information. We decided to work together and with their persuasive skills we quickly convinced the crew to follow us. After that we tracked the old captain, a scoundrel and a knave, to an inn where one of my compatriots fought him in honorable single combat. I acquired his sword and pistol as he wouldn’t be needing them anymore and upon our return to the ship hashed out the details and signed our contracts with the local pirate lords. We discussed a great many things and wrote a good code of ethics for our ship going forward. As the only one aside from Hans with any military experience I was quickly appointed battle master. The good luck was not complete though. Our ship has a great deal of potential, but as it stands is in a sorry state. I will need to ensure it gets straightened out and brought back up to a quality that can be tolerated with the resources currently available. The crew are primarily common sailors, only time will tell whether they can be molded into proper soldiers, but I intend to give them the best shot at it through proper discipline and drilling, we shall see if it is enough.


Christian1771 Camden

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